Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Delivery Day!

First let me say Happy Belated Valentine's Day! I hope you had a lovely time with your loved one.

My Valentine's Day was good. It started off when I received my first box of books and they look great. No Law Against Love is a traditional trade size paperback with a glossy cover and heavy grain, easy to read pages. Even though I've already read many of the stories as a contributing editor, I'm having a great time re-reading them and all the ones I haven't read yet. This is one great little...scratch great BIG collection of fabulous stories. I'm enjoying them all so much that I can't pick just one that I like the best.

Amazon has us listed as a regular book now and we're still available on Barnes & Noble, so grab your credit card!!

Please drop me a message to let me know if you've received your copy the book and what you think of it.

Good News -- No Law Against Love is being stocked in our local bookstore here in Macroom! I drove by this afternoon and they have a copy in the front window beside the front door. Very well positioned at eye level.

Douglas Books in Douglas village, part of the greater Cork City area, will be stocking the book as soon as I get copies to them, which will be Friday afternoon. They seemed very keen on stocking the book and may even host an autographing if the book sells well.

I'll be contacting Eason's this week, too, which is the largest book distributor in Ireland. They have 50 of their own shops and supply most of the independent shops around the country. If we can get in there, we'll have a wonderful donation for the cancer charity in October. If we can make some substantial sales here in Ireland, Highland Press has promised to donate those proceeds to an Irish cancer charity.

I've finished the design for the bookmarks and will be printing and laminating them. They're going to look great! I'm working on bookplates now. As I mentioned before, anyone who wants them need only send me a SASE.

Remember, ALL author royalties and ALL net profits from the publisher are being donated to breast cancer research and prevention, and we're being supported by the American Cancer Society, and hopefully one of the cancer foundations here in Ireland. More on that next week.

I'd like to send a special thanks out to a lady who's been dubbed Hurricane Mercedes. She's the daughter of author Jacquie Rogers and is the self-appointed marketing whiz for No Law Against Love. Her current project is putting together a gift basket that will be sent to the Regis and Kelly Show. Kelly Ripa loves romance stories and Regis's wife is a supporter of breast cancer awareness programs so Mercedes got the idea to send a basket full of goodies from the authors that represents some of the stories. I'm donating a handmade, all natural body bar in Tutti-Frutti scent that I'm labeling Maisie's Tutti-Frutti Body Bar and an old fashioned powder and puff that we're calling Hank's Scented Wig Powder. I'm also including an additional gift for both Regis and Kelly from my husband's land conservation program, A Piece of Ireland.

Thank you, Mercedes, for going over and above the call of duty on this one! I hope the show appreciates all of your hard work like we, the authors, do.

Happy reading everytone! And...BUY THE BOOK!

~ Kemberlee