ISBN: 9781310765162
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing

The last thing hair stylist Sassy O’Brien expects to find on her morning run on her local beach is a dead body. An addict of TV crime programs, she thinks, “What would Beckett do?” After ringing the police, she takes several crime scene photos on her mobile phone, as you do.

Much to Detective Donnelly’s consternation, Sassy’s involvement becomes instrumental in his investigation, especially as clues are overlooked by his team.

How will Sassy cope when all the clues point to her?

The last thing she expected to find while jogging with her dog on Mornington Beach was a body.

A human body.

But there it was. Her breath caught and her stomach tightened.

To be fair, the body wasn’t actually on the beach, but on the stony bank along the River Boyne near where it opened into the Irish Sea at Mornington Beach. The river had been an active shipping lane since medieval times for the port town of Drogheda just four miles upriver.

Was he alive? The large man lay on his side with his back to her, so she couldn’t tell.

Taking a deep breath, she pulled Bracken to her side and inched closer to the body. The wolfhound strained at the lead, trying to get a sniff between yelps and whines.

The man had shaggy, dark hair and wore a black-wool coat, well-worn, blue denims, and black boots. It seemed to her untrained eye that he could have worked on a ship. Could this man have fallen overboard from one of the ships catching the last high tide? With his damp hair and wet clothes, if he hadn’t fallen off a ship, he’d at least been out here since last night’s rain.

“Hello?” Her voice squeaked. She took deep breaths, forcing herself to relax. “Are you all right?”

Silence was his only reply.

Her heart pounded in earnest now. The dog’s barking didn’t help matters, especially where Sassy’s shoulders were concerned. Wolfhounds were strong, so even though Bracken was a well-trained dog, it was still a struggle keeping her at heel.

“Whisht. Quiet.” She tugged on the lead, and the dog fell in beside her, resorting to soft guttural growls.

Keeping Bracken close, Sassy made a wide arc around the body. The man wasn’t moving, so she inched closer and touched his booted foot with her runner-clad toe. “Hey.” Still nothing.

She scanned the area for help, but at this hour of the morning, she and Bracken were the only ones about.

Cautiously, she moved in front of him and knelt onto one knee to see if she recognized him beneath the strands of damp hair partially obscuring his face. He didn’t look familiar, but he did look pale. Really pale. His lips were grey. She noticed the side of his face was discolored where it rested near the ground, but the rest of him was deathly pale.

Then his lips moved.

He’s alive.

She leaned in closer. “I can’t hear you. What are you saying? Are you all right?”

Just as she reached out to move aside the hair from his eyes, his mouth opened. What she’d thought was his tongue emerged as a small crab when it spilled onto the ground and skittered away toward the river.

“Oh, dear God!”

Sassy quickly fell back. Bracken’s sharp, startled yip meant the dog was behind her, which caused Sassy to lose her balance. She twisted her body, hoping not to crush the poor dog when she landed. Rough stones bit into her hip as she came to a crushing stop, her elbow and shoulder taking the rest of her weight.

Without considering her injuries, she spun onto her back and used her feet to push herself through the stones and away from the dead man. Bracken’s lead had wrapped around Sassy’s wrist, forcing the dog even closer to her as they moved.

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!” Her heart felt like it was going to explode from her chest.

Once more, she gazed around her. This is what she got for running so early in the morning.

She turned her gaze back to the corpse.

She admitted it now. He was a corpse.

Her stomach tensed. She swallowed hard to keep her morning’s tea and toast in place.

Buck up. It’s just a body. He can’t hurt you. It’s not like you haven’t seen dead people before. Good God, this is Ireland. A good, old-fashioned Irish wake put paid to the fear of seeing dead people. Lots of them. She’d just never seen one on the beach before.

Taking long, deep breaths, Sassy got hold of herself. She pulled her mobile from her coat pocket and dialed 999.


So, um, I read Murder In Mornington at work today. No word of a lie, I faked making calls so I could keep reading!!! Detective Donnelly sounded like a fox 😍😍 I'm so excited to read the rest!!! I'm hooked! ~ ERM, Mornington local
• • •
Charming cozy mystery
A quick and entertaining read. Some of the Irish words (cupla focal) caused some interesting stumbling and add charm to the story. The basics have been done many times before, but that does not detract from the enjoyment. Woman finds dead body, becomes a suspect, meets handsome detective and sparks fly. Works for me! ...I enjoy the way Kemberlee writes and look forward to reading more of her stories. ~Barbara Tobey, Amazon
• • •
Small Irish Village Mystery
The author is a good writer and I enjoyed reading the book...This is a quick short read and it does have a satisfying ending. I do hope the author writes another book in the series. I look forword to reading about the relationship between Sassy and Detective Finn. Enjoy for quick cozy read. ~ bookwomen37, Amazon
• • •
Short story but long on talent Come enjoy a light and quick cozy set on the Emerald Isle. The story may be short with only 105 pages, but Ms. Shortland has filled it with all the elements of a great mystery. An unknown dead body with clues leading the heroine and or police to believe it was murder, obvious and obscure clues to point the way to the culprit. a few red herrings and a fully developed plot the flows easily and quickly. Murder in Mornington can easily be read in one sitting and will leave you asking for more books from Kemberlee Shortland soon. ~DelAnne, Amazon
• • •
The only thing I can say is that it was too short. I really enjoyed reading it, loved the characters, and a view of Ireland. I just wasn't ready to put it down. ~ Jill L. Schatz, Amazon
• • •
Kemberlee Shortland has characterization down to a science. Her characters really run the show and make the story so fun to read about. Sassy is probably the best character in the book, I loved everything about her personality. I loved the setting of this Mystery, I feel like the author was able to use vivid imagery to bring it to life, that and the mystery and twists definitely kept me flipping pages. ~ On a Reading Bender
• • •
Great cozy mystery
I loved this book, Kemberlee Shortland is a new to me author and if this book is anything to go by I am going to love her other work . . . This was a great cozy murder mystery that can easily be read in a day and it will have hooked from the very beginning. The characters are great and work well together. I can't wait to read more from Kemberlee. ~ Fee, Amazon
• • •
This was a fun book. It was a very fast read as the characters were great,especially Sassy. She was a fun, lovable, and relatable character. I laughed quite a bit and also was surprised by the twists . . . I loved Sassy. She was different and fun. I enjoyed seeing the way she thinks . . . ~ Jaci, Us Girls and a Book
• • •
This is a fun book, one that will immediately draw you in and have you wanting more backstory of all the characters, more time with them, and more tales! Which is a good thing that the book is subtitles, Sassy O'Brien Mystery Book 1! Because when it ends, you will be begging for book 2! Sassy is as easy to relate to as your best friend, and it doesn't matter that the book is set in Ireland, the themes of love, mystery and death are the same. This is a super quick read, and I read it in one long sitting at the hospital! It is perfect for ready on a dreary or snow filled day, to lift your spirits and leave you with a smile on your face. Don't miss this new series! ~ Nicole Henke, Bless Their Hearts Mom
• • •
Sassy was just that, sassy. She was a great character: curious, quirky, and smart. I enjoyed the dynamics between her and Detective Donnelly. They had a great chemistry; I'm intrigued to see where it leads them. As much as I enjoyed the story, I was hoping it would be a bit longer. I would have liked to have a better understanding of the characters and a deeper mystery, but for the page count, I did enjoy it. My interest is definitely peaked and I would love to read more from Kimberlee Shortland in the future. ~ Erin, Nerdy, Dirty, and Flirty
• • •
I enjoyed the writing style and the pacing. There were parts that moved very fast and then other parts that slowed down, just enough to let us catch our breaths. A Great Cozy Mystery perfect for this time of year! The setting was very clear and I liked that Kemberlee Shortland was able to transport us to where the characters were experiencing the story. ~ EverLeigh, A Life Through Books
• • •
"The main thing that sticks out to me with this novel is that it really starts off in a way that grabs the readers attention and does not let up. I'm used to a slow build with novels, especially ones like this, but this novel really did start strong and keep that the whole way through. I loved the mystery aspect and loved that the author was able to confuse me and keep me guessing throughout." ~ The Indie Express
• • •
The story was fun and entertaining. I loved the easy way the story went. Yes there was a murder and it was serious but the writing made it fun. The solving of the murder and the way the hair salon fit in. Sassy and her way around Finn and how they kind of worked together on solving the crime and getting to know each other. The who dunnit was not who I expected. That was a good twist. A fun lighthearted entertaining murder mystery that had a hint of romances to come and alliances in solving crimes. Nicely written and fast paced in which the story keeps your attention and you want to solve the crime with Finn and Sassy along the way while rooting for them to get together. ~ Hello, Booklover
• • •
You will definitely want to have plenty of allotted reading time before starting this one. It was hard to put down. I was so engrossed in the story that I put off many of my important things to do. Kemberlee Shortland does a great job of creating a Mystery that keeps the reader invested and guessing. Sassy is a wonderful lead, she is fun to read about and easy to get behind as a lead character. ~ Bailey Ember, Texas Book Nook
• • •
Very enjoyable read
I really enjoyed this mystery novel by Kemberlee Shortland. It somehow manages to be dark, yet lighthearted at the same time. I thought the characters were great, the setting well-illustrated and the storyline intriguing. It's well-written, and I'll definitely be looking out for more books in this series. If you like mysteries that aren't too dark and gruesome, you'll enjoy this. ~ Lucy Felthouse, author of One Night in ParisAmazon

• • •
Ms. Shortland, a well-respected romance author, has done more than get her feet wet in this charming and colorful mystery
She has created a unique but likable protagonist, Sassy O'Brien, in a clever whodunit. The reader becomes acquainted with and delights in Sassy's way of life, her thought processes, her dog, family, and friends. In this - the first of many stories, I hope - we are whisked off to a small village in today's Ireland. Sassy is a young hairdresser that loves her crime dramas. While taking her usual morning walk with her dog, she comes across a dead body and cannot help but try to find out what happened. Thereafter, she meets a handsome and roguish police detective and suffers through village gossip that many small towns across the globe provide. Kudos to Ms. Shortland for giving us one more cozy mystery to read and adore. ~ Heather Haven, author of the Alvarez Family Murder Mysery SeriesAmazon
• • •
Full of Intrigue
This is a wonderful cozy that also encompasses a murder. The characters are warm and three dimensional even though Sassy doesn't always catch on to what the hunky cop is saying to her. They are all believable and enjoyable. The plot is unique and there is an interesting twist regarding the murder. Ms. Shortland certainly has a way with words and she spins a delightful tale of romance and intrigue that pulls the reader in so they feel like a part of the story. ~ Belinda Wilson, Amazon
• • •
"A clever new mystery series with plenty o' Irish charm and wit, plus a wee bit of romance." ~ Mollie Cox Bryan, author of the Agatha-nominated Cumberland Creek Mysteries
• • •
Reading a book by Kemberlee is always a pleasure. They are always well written, great characterization and real emotions. Murder in Mornington is a  novella that reads fast, but you probably won't want to otherwise you might miss something! ... I think I am going to love this new series, a cozy type of mystery if you will,  and especially the antics of Sassy will keep me wanting more. Thank you  Kemberlee for another winner! Plus I love the cover! ~ Kathleen Kelly, Celtic Lady Reviews
• • •
Fun Read
Fun, quick read. It was light hearted, even though it was about murder. I enjoyed Kemberlee bringing her American roots as well as her perspective of living in Ireland into the story line. I'm looking forward to the additional books. ~ Amazon reader

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A Sassy O'Brien Mystery, #2

When Sassy discovers a corpse in her local graveyard, she's instantly drawn into an old local legend that has its roots with her own family. Lies, deceit, and even pirating all come to the surface and puts Sassy in danger. While Detective Donnelly investigates the crime, Sassy vows to put the legend to rest with the hopes that those who want her dead will see she has nothing to offer them. Or does she?

A Sassy O'Brien Mystery, #3

It’s happened again. On her morning run, Sassy discovers the body of a man hanging from the scoreboard at the Laytown Races winner circle—the jockey who’d won yesterday’s famous beach race. When two women are discovered to be carrying the deceased baby, a disgruntled and jilted wife, and jealous jockeys, suspects are at a premium.

Detective Donnelly is called in to investigate, but will Sassy’s involvement be of help or hindrance? If anything from his past experience with the hair stylist is to go by, this case will take an interesting twist.