Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Booksellers galore!

The latest website to jump onboard to sell A Piece of My Heart is Ireland's very own Eason Booksellers. Eason has more than 80 bookstores across Ireland, and while I'm working on a deal to get my book on their shelves, they've listed it on their website. This is a boon for Irish buyers, as it's slightly cheaper to buy through Eason rather than

A Piece of My Heart is available through all Amazon websites, and many other sites. Here are the links. I hope you can find one near you!

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
Amazon France
Amazon Germany
Amazon Japan

Barnes and Noble
Booktopia (AU)
Kalahari (Kenya)
Libreriauniversitaria (Italy)
Saxo (Denmark)

And coming soon to:


With St Patrick's Day just around the corner, what better what to show a loved one you care than giving them a copy of A Piece of My Heart. This is an Irish set contemporary romance story, offering the reader a reading experience that will transport one into the heart of the Irish countryside. Log into the book page to read an excerpt. And watch this space for my upcoming contest! Send me an email if you wish to be notified when the contest has posted. At the same time, let me know what you thought of the book.

~ Kemberlee

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wired without the caffeine!

I've just received a lovely review from Coffee Time Romance for my recent release, A Piece of My Heart.

I have to admit the emotions are threefold in A Piece of My Heart. When Mick and Kate ache to be with each other, I could practically see it in their eyes and hear it in their voice. The way they try to hold their control intact is so beautifully penned. I love the part about the circle, and the place they shared. Kemberlee Shortland creates a stunning read that touches upon the heartstrings. The storytelling is at its best. The descriptions are marvelously crafted and the characters absolutely lifelike. With emotions turning faster than a roller coaster, she allows the reader to visualize parts of Ireland with romance and a bit of suspense along the way.
~ Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance, 5 cups

Thank you so much, Cherokee! Your kind words were just what I needed to start my day :-)

I want to thank all of the reviewers who've commented on A Piece of My Heart. Your reviews have humbled me and made me appreciate the extra time it took to get the story right.

While I enjoy hearing from the professional world of reviews, I love to hear from readers! Use the link above and let me know how you liked A Piece of My Heart!!

~ Kemberlee

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm humbled beyond belief!!!

Satisfying Irish Romance , February 5, 2010
Wilma G. Walter
5 Stars
Kemberlee Shortland has worked many wonderful elements into her novel, A Piece of My Heart.
The novel begins with a great hook that introduces us to the major conflict between Kate and Mick, the central characters. Add the lovely Connemara setting, a shady character who provides some truly suspenseful moments, Molly the Border Collie (I dare you to *not* fall in love with her!), elements of family history, a tart with a wicked Dublin accent, some ancient Irish magic and you get a very satisfying, well-paced romantic story.
When I sit down with a romance, I'm always curious about how the author will write the love scenes. Ms. Shortland didn't disappoint me in this arena, either. I've got to say that A Piece of My Heart contains perhaps the sweetest love scene I've ever read. There's a lovely balance between the physical intimacy and all of the emotions swirling around it. So many authors come close to achieving that balance, but fall short. Ms. Shortland gets it right. I'm sure I'll turn to those pages again and again when I need a bit of that sweetness in my day. I look forward Mick and Kate's follow-up story, to see what Ms. Shortland has in store for them.
I can't thank you enough for such kind words. I've had to read and reread it several times to be sure it was ME you were talking about and not someone else. Reviews like this are meant for the likes of those on the NY Times best seller list. Not little old me! I can't tell you how humbled I am. Thank you SO much!!! If you were standing here now I'd give you a big hug and a hell with what the neighbors think ;-)