Sunday, December 20, 2009


Happy holidays, everyone!

I don't know about you, but I can't believe the big day is just around the corner. For the first time in ages, I got my gift shopping done three weeks ahead of time. That's saying a lot because I'm normally the Queen of Last Minute Shopping.

We have a living tree we bring in every year, and last night we put the lights on and a few ornaments. Only a few, as the main box with most of the holiday decorations has gone missing since our recent house move. It's here somewhere, and we'll probably find it in the spring when we do the big clean. But, it's only a little tree so it's actually lovely with just the fairy lights and the few ornaments.

Now comes food time. While it will only be our little family this year, himself, myself and the two hairy kids, I'm still baking a pie or two (can never have too much pumpkin pie in my book), will roast a turkey, and make a few trimmings. I try really hard to convince myself it's just another dinner, but instead of chicken we're having turkey. Thinking of it this way keeps me from stressing out over the whole ordeal. But it will be great. Every year we get up, have breakfast, open our gifts, play with the dogs, and basically have a nice day. Until it comes time to shower and dress and make the long drive to my in-laws for the big dinner. While it's always lovely and we enjoy seeing them, having to make the long journey after a long, lazy day, when it's dark and the weather is bad, is hard. So this year we're staying home, staying in our PJs, and exercising some of the Seven Deadly Sins...particularly gluttony, sloth and greed. And not necessarily in that order! :-)

Speaking of Seven Deadly Sins, DESIRE! Which brings me to Constant Craving.

I've just uploaded the cover for Constant Craving, which is the short story sequel to A Piece of My Heart.

The perfect life Mick and Kate thought they had was slowly dissolving. With Mick obsessing about the farm and Kate thrown into a life of domesticity, both lose some of what they'd fought so hard to regain.

It all comes to a head when Kate suspects Mick of having an affair. Kate’s parents step in to give each of them advice from their own years of marriage.

Now, both Mick and Kate have set their own romantic plans in motion, but it could all fall through when Kate nearly blows up the kitchen.

A Piece of My Heart's publication has been pushed into early January 2010, and will be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Fictionwise, Kindle, BookStrand and Books-A-Million.

Constant Craving will be available as a download only, and will be published on the novel's coattails, and will be available through CoffeeTime Romance and Kindle.

Please check back for updates on the exact publication dates for both, which should be the first week or so of January. Each story page will have links to where you can buy the stories.

Also, watch this space for an UPCOMING CONTEST to launch A Piece of My Heart.

I really enjoy hearing from my readers, so drop me an email at the link above, or you can find me on Facebook.

Just for fun, I had the please of speaking with Kris Kringle recently. Check it out on my other blog.

However you celebrate, have a wonderful, safe, and joyous holiday season.

~ Kemberlee

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Piece of My Heart/Constant Craving - Updates

It's been a while since I've updated this page, but I have good reason. I've been knee-deep in edits. The publication date for A Piece of My Heart had been pushed back due to our recent home relocation. Once I was back up and running, I dove right back into edits, working with the cover artist, photographer, editor, and whatever else that's come up in order to get this book done. I'm thrilled with the results and I hope you will be too.

After I received a glowing advance review, we've decided to include a quote on the cover. Thank you to Viviane Crystal at Crystal Reviews for her outstanding and much appreciated comments on A Piece of My Heart...

Kemberlee Shortland is a pro at depicting numerous romantic moments in a stimulating, unique way that never gets boring or repetitive and evolves to a crescendo experience. The good guy/bad guy scenario unfolds in a credible manner that in turn creates a full-force reaction where one finds Flann a totally despicable character and roots for his demise, while eagerly anticipating how Mick and Kate will recover their obviously lost but not forgotten love! Ms. Shortland's style has definitely matured over the last few years, and A Piece of My Heart is terrific romantic/suspense fiction to savor and share with family and friends.

Log into A Piece of My Heart to read an updated excerpt and for information where you can pick up a copy of this book.

There's also been some movement on Constant Craving, which is the short story sequel to A Piece of My Heart. This story will be available by download only through Coffee Time Romance, as are my other short stories. Have a look at My Books for direct links to those stories at CTR.

Check back for more information the release dates for both stories, which will be SOON.

Also, bookmark this page and check back for the upcoming CONTEST to celebrate the joint release of A Piece of My Heart and Constant Craving.

I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!