Friday, June 09, 2006

Blue Moon Enchantment

As promised, I've posted an excerpt of Moondance, which is part of the Blue Moon Enchantment anthology being published by Highland Press this month. This is volume two of the Blue Moon duo of books, the first being Blue Moon Magic, which has just gone to print. Both books are available through Amazon for orders, as well as other booksellers.

The theme of the Blue Moon anthologies are things that happen once in a blue moons are months with two full moons in the one month. If conditions are right, the second full moon takes on a blue tint, which is where the phrase comes moons are rare.

My story is called Moondance and is set on the Dingle Peninsula at a place called the Three Sisters near Ballyferriter. Moondance is based on a lovely quote I found that says. "Love that's true happens only once in a blue moon."

Blanaid thinks there's something wrong with her. It's been months since she's dated, and even if she makes the first move to invite a man out, it seems he can't run away from her fast enough. If it weren't for her best friends, Ronan and Siobhan, Blanaid is sure she'd go crazy with loneliness and despair. Then, one night while watching the sunset, Ronan kisses her and suddenly, the world as Blanaid knows it is thrown into turmoil. She turns to Siobhan for advice and a shoulder to cry on.

Can Blanaid face the truth in Siobhan's words?

The instant his lips touched Blanaid's, Ronan was sure he'd found Heaven. Ever since meeting her, he tried to find a way to tell her how he felt about her. When he overheard her telling Siobhan she never dated the friends they hung out with, he kept his feelings to himself- until this night when everything seemed so right. And he thought she felt the same when she returned his kiss. But when she realized what was happening, she ran from him. Ronan was sure he'd scared her off forever.

Can Ronan settle for just being Blanaid's friend?

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Stay tuned for the next collection from Highland Press, A Recipe For Love. As I mentioned, I've submitted a story called Constant Craving that I'm hoping they'll publish too. For those who have emailed me about Just You, Constant Craving is a visit back to Kate and Mick in Connemara. I'm hoping this story will be included, but if it's not for some reason, I just might post it on the website as a freebie read.

And of course, there are many more stories locked in my head trying to get out. I'm still working on The Diary and hope to have that finished this summer. I've submitted the "Just" novels to Poolbeg Press in Dublin City and am still waiting for them to come back with some positive comments. Currently, chicklit dominates the Irish shelves. However, I believe Irish readers are getting tired of cookie cutter plots and shallow characters that all read the same from book to book. I think Irish women are ready for a good ol' traditional love story...a relationship story between a monogomous couple. That's probably a topic for a future message.

I hope your summer is getting off to a great start and that you're looking forward to a few days away for some R&R. Don't forget that No Law Against Love, published in January, is still available in the stores and online through Amazon. It's a great collection to take with you and all net profits are being donated to charity. Any books sold in Ireland are going to benefit the Marie Keating Foundation's breast cancer awareness program.

As always, I enjoy hearing from people who've enjoyed my writing, so please use the link above to drop me a note, or leave a comment below.

~ Kemberlee