ISBN: 9781476167084
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Blánaid thinks there's something wrong with her. It's been months since she's dated, and even if she makes the first move to invite a man out, it seems he can't run away from her fast enough. If it weren't for her best friends, Ronan and Siobhan, Blánaid is sure she'd go crazy with loneliness and despair. Then, one night while watching the sunset, Ronan kisses her and suddenly, the world as Blánaid knows it is thrown into turmoil. She turns to Siobhan for advice and a shoulder to cry on.

Can Blánaid face the truth in Siobhan's words?

The instant his lips touched Blánaid's, Ronan was sure he'd found Heaven. Ever since meeting her, he tried to find a way to tell her how he felt about her. When he overheard her telling Siobhan she never dated the friends they hung out with, he kept his feelings to himself- until this night when everything seemed so right. And he thought she felt the same when she returned his kiss. But when she realized what was happening, she ran from him. Ronan was sure he'd scared her off forever. 

Can Ronan settle for just being Blánaid's friend? 

~ Love that's true happens only once in a blue moon ~

Three Sisters Promontory, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

“What do you suppose is wrong with me?”

Blánaid tugged her cardigan closer about her body trying to conserve some warmth. Ronan had certainly chosen a chilly enough evening to watch the sunset.

He had driven them out to the Three Sisters headland, as far as the tractor road went, then they had walked up the field’s steep incline to the summit of the Middle Peak. To the left was Binn Hanraí, Henry’s Peak, and to the right was Binn Diarmada, Dermot’s Peak. Below them was nothing but jagged cliff-face and the roiling Atlantic Ocean, its frothy white halo ebbing and flowing over the rugged coastline.

It was beyond Blánaid’s comprehension why the Three Sisters had men’s names on two of her peaks. Right now, the only things she knew was that she was freezing her bum off, and that if she were here with a lover, she could snuggle against him for some warmth.

The North Atlantic winds were blowing right up the legs of her trousers. She moved to tuck her legs under her but it did little to alleviate the goose bumps from the chill seeping through her clothing.

“What do ye mean by that?” asked Ronan with his soothing soft Cork accent, glancing at her.

The breeze caught his cinnamon colored hair and whipped it around his face for a moment before leaving it in a wild state that gave him a roguishly handsome and just out of bed look.

She swallowed hard at his intense gaze. Looking away, she continued. “Just what I said. There must be something wrong with me. It’s a lovely Friday evening and we’re sitting here watching the sunset together.”

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“What’s wrong is that I should be sitting here with a boyfriend sharing a bottle of wine between us rather than with a friend-friend and a flask of tea.”

“Are ye saying ye don’t love me, then?”

Blánaid glanced over at him and lifted an eyebrow in response to his question, but her unease continued growing. Even in the fading light, she saw curiosity in his hazel eyes even though his words held some humor. His gaze was penetrating, as if he was trying to look into her thoughts. Things had always been easy between them, but something seemed different lately and she couldn’t quite say what.

She shifted nervously and faced the horizon again. It was awash with amber, gold and russet with cloud streaks of lavender and peach. Silver starlight began to shimmer along the edges. And the sea echoed the glow along the path of the setting sun, rippling as if on fire. Night was coming quickly on a deep azure velvet sky from the eastern horizon beyond Ballyferriter Village. The moon was out but not quiet full, giving it a lopsided appearance.

Yes, it was the perfect night for lovers, yet Blánaid saw none of it. Instead, all she thought about was her unseasonably dry dating spell.

“What I’m saying is that it has been months since anyone has asked me out. You haven’t dated either if I’m guessing right,” she told him.

Ronan cleared his throat and said, “Yes, well . . .”

“And now, if we want to take pleasure in something as simple as a sunset, we have to come out here together.”

“Are ye saying ye don’t want to be here with me?”

“Are you telling me you wouldn’t rather be sitting here with a woman you love rather than me?”

Ronan didn’t reply immediately, forcing her to finally look over at him again. The words seem trapped on his tongue. When she opened her mouth to speak, he finally said, “I wouldn’t rather be here with anyone else.”


After I read this book, I've come to the conclusion that I want to marry an Irish man, and not just any Irish man, but one that is exactly like Ronan. And the reason why is because I instantly fell in love with Ronan from the moment the story first introduced him . . . Kemberlee Shortland takes this regular romance and turns it into something beautiful with her amazing talent for writing. You'll be whisked within the pages as you experience a journey of love, friendship, and heartbreak. And in the end, the only disappointment you will have is that it ended. All in all, being the first book that I have read from Kemberlee Shortland, I have to say that I am quite impressed and will be looking forward to reading more of her work in the near future. ~ Noelle Summers, Smashwords reader
Blanaid and Ronan have been good friends for quite some time now and as the forlorn beauty despairs of finding love, Ronan can no longer resist revealing his true feelings. Rearing from confusion, Blanaid knows not what to think now of the man that has always been here for her--as a friend. When she realizes her true feelings, will she be in time to prove to him how very worthy he really is? Love often resides right under our noses...if we know how to see it. Author Shortland writes a tale of love that is not so very far if we are just willing to reach for it. A wonderful story filled with pent-up passion and discovery of love.~ K. Montgomery, Amazon and
Blue Moon Enchantment from Highland Press offers fifteen writers worldwide, many from the No Law Against Love anthology, with enchanting romance tales of what happens when a wish is made on a Blue Moon. Presented as two volumes–Blue Moon Magic is the first book. These tales are from all periods, every genre, and showcase award-winning romance writers of today and stars of tomorrow. ~ Tina Adams, The Romance Reading Room
Set in Ireland. Ronan moved into the area a year ago and fell in love with Blánaid on sight. However, Blánaid has only ever thought of him as a friend. Ronan had once overheard Blánaid and one of her friends discussing what they looked for in a man, so Ronan knows that he is nothing like the one she dreams of. Yet as Blánaid and he watch the sun set one evening, Ronan takes a chance and kisses her.
If you want some sweet dreams, read one of two of these stories just before bed. Terrific! ~ Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews
Kemberelee Shortland demonstrates the power of friendship in "Moondance". Blanaid and Ronan have been close friends for quite awhile. Blanaid is oblivious to Ronan's love for her as well as her own feelings for him. Will the blue moon forever change this friendship? "Moondance" is a story everyone can relate to. Either one has experienced or witnessed a friendship evolving into a romantic relationship. Kemberlee Shortland's splendid portrayal of Blanaid's concerns about possibly losing the friendship she has with Ronan will resonate with readers everywhere. ~ Deborah Wiley, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques
Ronan has loved Blánaid from their first meeting. She only sees him as a friend and he wants to change that. With the help of a setting sun and a wish perhaps Ronan will find his happy ending. ~ Kristi Ahlers, Amazon