Saturday, May 29, 2010

Questions and Answers A PIECE OF MY HEART

Occasionally, I get questions about character motivation or other plot elements, so I thought I'd open up a dialog here on the site. So here we go...

While A Piece of My Heart has been getting fantastic reviews, I've also received comments about Mick's attitude.

How did you perceive how he dealt with the illness of his parents? Would more background story have helped you understand his motivations?

How well did you feel Kate dealt with Mick's denial?

Please, use the comments icon below and let me know your thoughts, or ask me the questions on your mind. I enjoy hearing from readers, however you felt about the story.

~ Kemberlee

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New reviews posted for A Piece of My Heart

I wanted to thank Clever Divas and You Gotta Read Reviews for their recent reviews of my book, A Piece of My Heart.

Clever Divas said: 'I felt as if I were a part of Kate and Mick’s life cheering them on for their happy ending.'

You Gotta Read Reviews said: 'I love Irish women- strong and independent with the ability to love deeply.'

I also received a note from a reader called Rae who said: 'I started your book on the plane and finished it with tears in my eyes.'

And recently another reader, Kathleen, said: 'I started your book last night, but I'll need a man to finish it!'

I'm am forever humbled and grateful when readers enjoy my stories. While I enjoy storytelling, it makes me feel good that others enjoy what I write as well. So please, if you've read A Piece of My Heart, or any of my other stories, send me an email, post a comment, or catch me online at Facebook and let me know what you thought.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Never a dull moment!

I know it's been a few weeks since I've posted, but I have good excuses. Really I do!

OK, I don't have much of an excuse for April, other than it was my birthday, then my husbands. We didn't go anywhere special, but we did spend a couple days in Dublin City. I blogged about this on my personal blog, Heart Shaped Stones, for anyone interested in a non-tourist part of the city.

After that, we've been getting out house ready for a family visit. It takes a while to get me motivated to clean, so I tried to do a little every day. Between stressing over a clean house, doing my 'day job', writing, keeping the dogs happy, and housewifely things, I also prepared for a great couple days with Long and Short Reviews.

I was remiss and didn't post a heads up message here, but my interview is posted at Long and Short Reviews from 4 May. Then on the 5th, I participated in a day-long chat with the LASReview newsgroup. This link will take you to their newsgroup on Yahoo Groups to the first of many questions passed my way. The others are linked at the bottom of this first message.

The whole experience was great fun. Good thing, as LASR is author spotlighting me on 7 June for the week! You *must* drop over to their site, as they'll be publishing a few articles I've written for the event. The spotlight will be on the Long and Short Reviews blog. When I have direct links to my articles I'll post them here, but until then, drop over and check them out. The LASR team really have a great set up for authors and readers.

After birthdays, cleaning house, visiting with the LASR group, 'day job' stuff, and getting dogs into the kennel last minute, my cousin then arrived on the 9th with his extended family. We had several days of touring around the Greater Dublin area and South Tipperary. Holidays are always too short so we were really sad to see them all leave last Friday. We had a wonderful time and made many memories. We hope they return again soon, and often!

After recouperating over the weekend, I'm now back onto my normal schedule and wondering where the last few weeks have gone. Holidays are like a good meal. It can take a long time to prepare, but a few moments to eat, then we're left with nothing but memories. And in this case, a lot of laundry that built up.

Today I received a lovely review on my book, A Piece of My Heart, from Clever Divas: If readers enjoy happy endings, Ireland and animals, they will be sure to snatch up this book and read it as soon as they possibly can. Thanks so much to the reviewer!

So, what's in store for this week? Still catching up on laundry, and also working on some new fiction. And looking forward to our next few days off and wondering where it will take us.

I will be posting an article about my cousin's visit on my personal blog, Heart Shaped Stones, which will include photos. That's also on the cards for this week, so keep checking the page. I'll be posting a note on my Facebook page when the blog is up.

Until then, I hope you're enjoying reading my book, A Piece of My Heart. I love hearing from readers, so please use the link above to send me your comments. And if you haven't read it yet, chapter one is posted on the book's page, and if you log into the LASR newsgroup, chapter two is there!

Thanks for stopping by!