Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's the 18th of January and I'm still playing catch up. Happy New Year!!

A great New Year surprise came in my email this morning -- A fabulous new review for Constant Craving!! What a great way to start the day. Here's what Huntress Reviews has to say . . .

FOUR STARS! This short story is a sequel to "A Piece of My Heart". If you have not read the previous title, I highly suggest you do so. You will not find yourself lost if you do not, however, the characters went through a lot and knowing about those events would make this story more special. (The price for "A Piece of My Heart" is low and the price for this sequel is [at the time of this review] under one dollar.) Both titles are part of the Irish Pride series.

To me, the nicest thing about a short story or novella is that there is no room for "filler". Every word of the story is needed and none are wasted or added. I, as the reader, am guaranteed a good tale in a small amount of time. And this author, Kemberlee Shortland, writes some fantastic stories!

Kemberlee Shortland has a creative writing style that easily communicates to readers all of the ardent feelings which Kathe and Mick feel for one another. Readers who have been married and then had kids will especially enjoy and empathize with the Fairhills' delimma. This story may be short, but it will linger in your mind for a long time.

Thank you SO much, Detra, for your kind words. Indeed, what a great way to start the day!

On other fronts, I've re-started posting articles over at Hearticles: Articles with Heart. I started out the New Year with Januarye - The Door to the Year. This piece discusses the significance of January and the New Year, and some of the things on my 2011 To-Do List.

More recently, I posted a couple Review Quickies, which is a new feature on the site. Drop over to see what I've been reading, and how writers can learn from the experts. In this article, I discussed Flipping Out by Marshall Karp and Switch by Grant McKenzie.

Upcoming events for me this year start off with a guest spot at Book Soulmates eMag. Stay tuned for the date for that one.

Thank you to Long and Short of It Reviews. The Jingle Bell Blog Fest was great fun. Seems their readers really enjoyed my exclusive pre-Xmas interview with Kris Kringle! And why not? He's a big fan of romance stories.

As a reminder, A Piece of My Heart and Constant Craving are on sale over at Smashwords. You can get BOTH for under $5!! Chose your format, including Kindle.

As always, I enjoy hearing from readers, so drop me a note the next time you're cruising through.

Happy New Year and all the best for a wonderful 2011!!

~ Kemberlee