Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review: A Piece of My Heart by Ginger Dawn Harman

I had a wonderful surprise in my 'in box' last night--this wonderful review for A Piece of My Heart by Ginger Dawn Harman.

I'm continually delighted when new reviews come in for this book, especially as it's now two years old. However, in light that the next book in the series, Rhythm of My Heart, will be out this summer, I'm not surprised with the renewed interest.

And don't forget that Constant Craving is the short story sequel to A Piece of My Heart. You don't want to miss that one!

Thanks so much, Ginger, for a wonderful review. I'm SO happy you enjoyed the story.

So, without further adieu, here it is! --

A Piece of My Heart by Kemberlee Shortland A Book review by Ginger Dawn Harman

Kemberlee Shortland has charmed and captivated this reader with a romantic fictional novel titled, A Piece of My Heart. The novel begins with Mick and Kate who have been disconnected for several years. Mick lives in Dublin and has pursued life away from the farm in which he has been raised.  His work, selfishness, and dissatisfaction with his current life have consumed an unresolvable tension that keeps him away from his family and past.  During this same period, Kate has remained in the Irish countryside where she's been managing and helping to care for Mick's dying parents.  With the death of Micks parents, Attorney Tighe initiates the reading of the will.  This revelation of the will astonishes them and now they must confront their past and future.  This and several other tensions like Deaman O’Flannery keep the narrative alive and is the core of the story.

Mrs. Shortland’s characters endear themselves to the reader with their candor, wit, and determination for love and respect.  With A Piece of My Heart, the author has created several moments where the characters are brave enough to look back on their life and imagine themselves making different choices with resolution.  Furthermore, Mrs. Shortland takes great pains in painting such an accurate and authentic Irish backdrop throughout this novel that it's nearly impossible not to find one transported to Ireland where one watches Gaelic football, listens to the wireless, visits pubs, and drinks in the solstice moonlight of the ancient stone circle.  My favorite part of the novel was the scene that included the Claddagh Ring with its hands for friendship, heart for love, and crown for loyalty.

A Piece of My Heart is unlike any other romance I have ever read.  It has a great contemporary style with a slight erotic flare. With this noted, the sensual petting is done brilliantly with a sensation of foreplay between the author and reader until the very last chapter!  Additionally, this is first in the Irish Pride series.  I was very excited to learn that the story of Mick and Kate continues.  Solid writing and storytelling, excellent characters, and romance make A Piece of My Heart a novel you won't want to miss. I highly recommend.