Friday, December 04, 2020

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 Some of my romance readers may be unaware, but over the last couple years, I've delved into thrillers.

Writing as KA Lugo, I've created the character of Jack Slaughter. He was once a highly decorated homicide detective with the San Francisco Police Department. When tragedy struck his family, he left the force to pursue his own investigation into who killed his 2 year old daughter and her dog, and what happened to his wife. To fund his investigation, he's become a licensed private investigator and opening his office, Jack Slaughter Private Investigations and Security.

Book one, Slaughtered, opens three years after losing his family. The Texter has been stalking him, using his wife's disappearance as a way of getting under Jack's skin. After taking a case of a missing women, Jack falls headlong into an open case. The Butcher has been killing women, defleshing their bones, then disposing of the bodies in random places around the city.

Book two, Witness to Slaughter, opens later that same year. It's the holidays--always a hard time of year since losing his family--and the black dog of depression has its grip on him. It drags him from his apartment and takes him walking across the city. Gunfire draws Jack into an alley where he finds the dying body of a woman. Police arrive on the scene and detain Jack as he's covered in the woman's blood. Taking a case to follow a husband suspected of cheating, Jack discovers there's another killer lose in the city, and he's targeting the LGBTQ community. Does the city have another serial killer on its hands?


Slaughtered is available now as an ebook, trade paperback, and hard cover from all major book vendors.

Witness to Slaughter is available preorder now for just 99c on Amazon! Release day is 9 December. If you preoder print, trade paperback will be available just in time for Xmas!

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Keep your eyes open for Slaughterhouse, available summer 2021.

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