Sunday, November 26, 2006

Holiday in the Heart anthology NOW AVAILABLE!

Just in time for Christmas!!

Holiday in the Heart is now available and shipping. My story The Power of Love is included in this holiday collection of short stories.

Like Moondance, The Power of Love is also set in Ireland, this time in Limerick City.

When Elaine discovers she's pregnant, she hesitates telling her husband, Ethan. They're newlyweds and wanted to wait until they were ready to start a family. Ethan surprised her by accepting early parenthood, embracing the idea more fully than either of them expected. But when they receive bad news after a prenatal exam, both must face that their charmed lives are about to come crashing down around them.

Do Christmas wishes really come true? Elaine will stake her life on it!

Blue Moon Enchantment is still selling like hotcakes. My story Moondance is in this book, which
went on sale in October. Reviews continue to come in --

Author Shortland writes a tale of love that is not so very far if we are just willing to reach for it. A wonderful story filled with pent-up passion and discovery of love. ~K.Montgomery

Kemberlee Shortland's splendid portrayal of Blanaid's concerns about possibly losing the friendship she has with Ronan will resonate with readers everywhere. ~Deborah Wiley

As well, No Law Against Love is still available and racking up donation funds for various breast cancer awareness groups around the world. All of these books are available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble online, as well as many independent shops which can order via the book's ISBN number. So jot them down and be sure to get your local bookseller to order them and stock them on their shelves. They're great for holiday gifts. And Xmas is just around the corner, like it or not!

I hope you enjoy reading all these stories. Drop me a note and share your feelings about my work and these collections. Don't forget you can read excerpts from all my stories. Click on My Books.

Happy holidays!