Saturday, February 15, 2014

You may have noticed

My site is undergoing some changes at the moment. Please bear with me. We're gearing up for a grand event, starting Monday, 17 February. Yeah, I know. TWO DAYS!

Yep, two days until the be unveiling of the newly revamped Irish Pride Series.

I've got back the rights to my book, A Piece of My Heart, and will be republishing at Tirgearr Publishing where Rhythm of My Heart also lives.

Shape of My Heart is being released in April, and for The Big Event, a new collection of covers have been designed for the whole series! And the big reveal starts Monday. More details on Monday about The Big Event, but for now, strap in for my new cover reveal!

Thank you to all my friends and readers with whom I hope to make friends. Stop by Monday and join the fun!

~ Kemberlee