Monday, February 17, 2014


I can't begin to describe how excited I am to show off the new covers for my Irish Pride Series. It's been pure torture holding onto these beauties until I could show them to the world.

As many of you know, I obtained the rights back to A Piece of My Heart last year, and because it needed a new cover, I started thinking about Rhythm of My Heart, and the soon to be released, Shape of My Heart. What the heck? Let's do them all!

And here they are!

Before I say anything else, I must thank Kim Killion and her design staff at The Killion Group for my amazing new covers for the Irish Pride Series. I'm very proud and fortunate to have some of Kim's work in my collection. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

So, let me tell you about about Irish Pride Week at Tirgearr Publishing. Well . . . 

Monday, 7 April -- Rhythm of My Heart will be re-released with new edits and its stunning new cover.

Wednesday, 9 April -- A Piece of My Heart will make it's grand re-entrance onto the market under the Tirgearr brand with fresh edits and it's amazing new cover.

Friday, 11 April -- Shape of My Heart will be released. Shape of My Heart is the newest edition to the Irish Pride Series, and I'm hoping readers will enjoy it as much as they enjoyed the first two books in the series. And yes, it has a stellar cover! :-)

Where does this leave Constant Craving? Well, two things --

1) Contact Craving will remain available as a standalone story, but will become a FREE title. How cool is that?! Cooler still --
2) As it's the short story sequel to A Piece of My Heart, Constant Craving will be included at the back of A Piece of My Heart as a free read!

Wait! That's not all (why does this sound like a cheesy late night ad for chef knives?). Not only will all three books be released in all digital formats, they'll also be in print! {faints}

Okay, I didn't really faint, but this is all super exciting stuff.

To help me celebrate my new covers, some friends are hosting my cover reveals this week on their blogs. Drop over to meet up with some of the industries rising stars, and a great reviewer --

Tuesday, 18 Feb -- Elizabeth Delisi at The World According to Liz
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Friday, 21 Feb -- Kate Robbins at Into the Highland Mist
Saturday, 22 Feb -- Kathleen Kelly at Celtic Ladys Reviews

Other friends will be hosting me on their sites over the month of March, and THEN Irish Pride Week at Tirgearr Publishing begins!

So . . . if you click on the links above on the sidebar, you can drop over to the book pages and read some great chapter excerpts. If you've read one of these books already, I'd love to hear from you.

Finally, follow me at Facebook and Twitter. Leave me a comment or twelve and have your name put into a random draw on Saturday, 12 April, for a super-duper Irish Pride prize!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!

~ Kemberlee