Monday, June 07, 2010

My author spotlight this week

Please join me at Long and Short Reviews, as I'm the spotlight author for this week. We're hosting a contest there where the winner will get a copy of my book, a piece of Irish land, and a surprise gift...

I'm also posting a different article each day on their blog...

Day 1 - Researching A Setting-Specific Story (not just historical research, but location, culture, language, regional practice, etc)

Day 2 - The Importance of Senses (using other senses besides the basic five: scent, sight, touch, hear and taste.)

Day 3 - W5+H+M (who, what, where, when, why + how + motive)

Day 4 - Romance vs. Erotica: How Much Sex? (when romance becomes erotica and the change in the romance and erotica industries)

Day 5 - Shaking Your Tree (using your family tree for character names, story ideas or researching family documents as a way to research historical facts)

And while you're on their site, check out their review of A Piece of My Heart. Reviewer Camellia said: Kemberlee Shortland’s thorough character development and the world-rocking love scenes make A Piece of My Heart captivating, but most of all it is the long-suffering love that hides but abides, cries but never dies that makes this beautiful tapestry of a tale memorable.

Please come by and say hello!

~ Kemberlee