Sunday, March 14, 2010

A gold ring from I Read Romance!

What a lovely read to curl up with right before St. Patrick’s Day. If you love sweet, romantic Irish movies like The Matchmaker, Waking Ned Devine or Once, and enjoy the works of Maeve Binchy, you will enjoy Mick and Kate’s tale. Childhood sweethearts driven apart by a misunderstanding, brought (unwillingly) back together by a quirk in Mick’s father’s will.

As they work through their grief and their lingering issues with each other, a string of events seems orchestrated by Fate to drive them apart again. There are some stock villains and quasi-villians, but the two main characters stand out as just flawed enough to keep things interesting. Ms. Shortland adds a finishing touch of Irish magic to bring it all to a satisfying end. Fáinne óir duit, Ms. Shortland!
~ Seanachie, I Read Romance

"Fáinne óir duit" translates to "a gold ring to you."

I'm so chuffed! Not only is the reviewer named after the traditional Irish storyteller, the seanachai, I get the honor of receiving a gold ring review!! :-)

I have to say this has been one tough weekend in the Shortland household, but this review makes everything seem much brighter. Go raibh míle maith agat, Seanachie!

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