Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wired without the caffeine!

I've just received a lovely review from Coffee Time Romance for my recent release, A Piece of My Heart.

I have to admit the emotions are threefold in A Piece of My Heart. When Mick and Kate ache to be with each other, I could practically see it in their eyes and hear it in their voice. The way they try to hold their control intact is so beautifully penned. I love the part about the circle, and the place they shared. Kemberlee Shortland creates a stunning read that touches upon the heartstrings. The storytelling is at its best. The descriptions are marvelously crafted and the characters absolutely lifelike. With emotions turning faster than a roller coaster, she allows the reader to visualize parts of Ireland with romance and a bit of suspense along the way.
~ Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance, 5 cups

Thank you so much, Cherokee! Your kind words were just what I needed to start my day :-)

I want to thank all of the reviewers who've commented on A Piece of My Heart. Your reviews have humbled me and made me appreciate the extra time it took to get the story right.

While I enjoy hearing from the professional world of reviews, I love to hear from readers! Use the link above and let me know how you liked A Piece of My Heart!!

~ Kemberlee