Friday, October 25, 2019

Releasing Wednesday 30 October!

Please help me celebrate the re-release of one of my favorite stories:


Set in Limerick City, Ireland, Ethan and Elaine are newlyweds. They'd planned to start a family later when they were ready, but when Elaine tells Ethan she's carrying his child, he welcomes early parenthood more enthusiastically than either expected. But their charmed life is about to come crashing down around them. Elaine stakes her life on Christmas miracles.

Available on preorder for just 99c/p - Releases 30 October!

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What reviewers have said:

Shortland writes a powerfully emotional story that moved me to tears with an intensity that took my breath away. ~ Marilyn Rondeau

Kemberlee Shortland's heart-rending tale will leave the reader in tears. Never has a story been so aptly named as this one! The depth of emotion displayed between Ethan and Elaine is simply stunning. Kemberlee Shortland proves herself to be a true force in the romance genre with this gem! ~ CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

Kemberlee Shortland takes this regular romance and turns it into something beautiful with her amazing talent for writing. ~ N Summers, reader comment

I'd love to hear your comments when you've had a chance to read this story.