Sunday, December 11, 2016


Thanks to Victoria Blisse for inviting me to participate in the Blissemas Snog in the Snow event . . . to post an excerpt from a holiday story that includes a snog . . . a hot and heavy kiss!

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So here's one of my favorite snogs. This is from book three in my Irish Pride series, SHAPE OF MY HEART. Grainne and JD have been at odds since their first meeting, but much of it has been laced in pent up desire..

She’d often wondered what it would be like to kiss JD. Ever since the night she’d danced for him in The Klub! she’d let her mind run mazes through her fantasies about him. She’d permitted herself the fantasies, because that’s all she’d allowed herself until school was done and she had the education she craved. But this was no fantasy. JD was nothing like anything her wild imagination could ever conjure. He was pure flesh, hardness and heat, and his kiss had her undone.

Instinct took over, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Tilting her head, she parted her lips and welcomed his intruding tongue. The moment they touched, JD groaned deep in his throat and his arms hauled her against him, closer still. His hands were flat on her back, holding her, the pads of his fingers massaging her flesh.

GrĂ¡inne gasped when he pressed his hips against her again and again. No, not his hips. Something harder. He slid his hands around and grasped her bottom, squeezing it roughly, holding her as he slowly ground himself against her.

As his kiss deepened, GrĂ¡inne continued losing all sense of reality. She couldn’t believe how easily JD made her drop her defenses. Was she so needy for a man’s touch?

“JD,” she heard herself whisper, but he didn’t seem to hear her. Or if he did, he ignored her. “John.” He looked at her then. His eyes smoldered with desire. What she felt echoed in his gaze.

“You’re so soft,” he murmured, as he stroked the backs of his fingers against her cheek, smoothing away an errant curl. His gaze followed his fingers as they traveled down her neck to her collarbone, and then dipped to the cleft between her breasts. He used both to part the collar of her wrap, easily pushing it off her shoulders. Too easily. She couldn’t stop him. She followed his gaze to her breasts where he gently cupped them. Her nipples pebbled under his thumbs.

She felt his breath against her skin just before he claimed a nipple between his lips. The feel of his mouth on her was like lightning strike. It shot a bolt of fire through her body so intense she arched against him. She buried her fingers in his hair just to make sure he didn’t stop.

Her body was on fire. Every nerve ending was alive with sensation.

He slipped his arms around her and the tiny hairs on his arms grazed her skin, sending tingles up her spine. The cool night air did nothing to tame the sensations racing through her. There was nothing she could to do stop him. Her will was gone.

He gazed up at her while he suckled her. Neither moved. His gaze was intense, questioning, as if asking for permission to continue.

Then he moved to her other breast.

“Jazus!” she cursed aloud.

She should have said no.

She should have said stop.

She should have said a lot of things. Later, when she had her senses back, she was sure she’d come up with several choice words. Right now, though, she found it hard just to breathe.

JD rose and reclaimed her mouth. His chest hairs on her sensitive breasts enticed her all the more. She was forced to grasp the counter to remain upright.

As if she wasn’t having enough trouble standing on two legs, JD hauled one leg around his waist. It was by willpower alone she was able to stand at all.

The instant his lips touched hers again, it seemed her whole world stood still; his fire consumed her. It washed over her and drowned her in a pool of liquid passion the like she’d never felt before. No man had ever kissed her with as much feeling.

God, he would make her come if he kept rubbing against her like this. And God help her, she wanted him inside her. Now.

It was all too much. The realization of what she was doing hit her so suddenly, it left her shattered and weak. She had to remind herself sex was not love, no matter how good it felt. She craved approval. She wanted acceptance. She wanted to be loved, damn it! By God, JD’s touch echoed something she fought hard to name.

“No,” she gasped, pushing him back.

Every inch of her flesh was alive with feeling. It had never been like this before. No man had ever made her feel this way. No man had ever touched her so lovingly. His touch was loving but it wasn’t love. She barely knew the man. No. It wasn’t love, she told herself.

He shot his gaze up to hers, passion and confusion twisting as one across his face.

She was slow to come back to earth, but when she did, a wave of shame washed over her, drowning her contentment.

“I’m sorry. No.” She pushed JD away from her, but her legs refused to support her weight and she would have sunk to the floor had he not steadied her. She grasped the edges of her robe and pulled them back together.

Her eyes filled with tears. She bit her lip to keep them at bay. She would not let him see how this affected her. She couldn’t look at him, but his fingers were on her chin and turning her toward him. His eyes were filled with passion and . . . something. She couldn’t read his expression.

“No,” she gasped through the tears suddenly spilling down her cheeks. “Leave me alone.”

It had to be the stress of the day making her feel this way, making her so vulnerable, and not that she desired JD. But she did desire him. She had since Halloween night when he surreptitiously stepped into her life.

“Sshhh,” he whispered, and pulled her against him. “It’s okay.”

“Please, just . . . don’t.” He refused to listen to her. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him. He cupped the back of her head in his hot palm and held her to his shoulder where she finally lost it.

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