Sunday, January 03, 2016

And the winners are...

First off, I'd like to thank Sue Coletta for running this massive competition. This took a lot of work and coordinating to make it happen, especially over the busy holiday season. Thanks, Sue!

I'd also like to thank the *726* people who entered this competition. That's a massive turnout! Unfortunately, only three entrants could be chosen to win these 30 crime novels.

And those winners are…

Carol Sue Anderson

Mark Antonie Fauchelle

Rosemary Jarrell

Congratulations to you all.

Each participating author will gift you their books through Amazon within the week. Please contact Sue around the 10th if any of these titles have not yet been received.

Though it’s not mandatory, we (all of the participating authors) truly hope you’ll consider leaving reviews. Reviews help authors sell books so more can enjoy their stories. A review can be as simple as “Couldn’t put the book down!” Or “Great read.” Also, with paid promotion and marketing, authors need reviews before advertisers will accept their books into their scheme. So please review.

For those who really wanted to win a copy of my book, Murder in Mornington, you can still grab a copy for just 99c/99p/99euc through Amazon. My books are available on all of Amazon's 14 sites, so visit your favorite site to find this book.

Happy New Year everyone!