Sunday, July 26, 2015

Newly Interviewed!

I've been pinned down by the lovely TK Geering for an interview.

No more recluse author lifestyle for me ;-)

Seriously, it was a lot of fun. TK is a great lady to have a chat with.

* * *

A Russian Gift of Love
by TK Geering
TK is also an author. She publishes at Tirgearr Publishing. Check out her latest book -- A Russian Gift of Love.

Vicky is a successfully published author, but this is just a cover for her real job as Detective Chief Inspector dealing with espionage/anti-terrorism.

Nick, a Russian sleeper agent posing as a firefighter, moves in next door. His contract: to fulfill the hit on Vicky.

After an ankle injury, he ends up spending Christmas with the doting Vicky.

It's not long before friendship turns to love.

Awesome story. Wish it was longer!

* * *

Thanks for the interview, TK!!!