Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Where I live

I'm often asked about my life in Ireland...where I live, and as a writer, where do I research, where do I write, where do I get my ideas... 'Where' being the question.

Where, indeed.

Where I *have* lived since I came to Ireland over 18 years ago have included places like Shankill, Co Dublin; Bray County Wicklow (neighboring towns really on the county line); Douglas and Macroom, both in County Cork; Monasterevin, Co Kildare.

And most recently, and my personal favorite, is Mornington, Co Meath, which is where I currently live, get inspired, and write.

Why is Mornington my favorite place? Well, here's my backyard. Check the video at the end:

Lady Finger Tower (l), Mayden Tower (r), and
the old boat house

Mayden Tower, aka Mornington Tower, is a medieval
lighthouse which protected ships entering the
River Boyne for Drogheda

The mouth of the River Boyne, looking out to the
Irish Sea, and Mayden Tower Lighthouse.

The Spirit of Oysterhaven yacht, entering the River
Boyne and sailing toward Drogheda for the
2015 Maritime Festival. The Lord Mayor of
Drogheda at the helm.

Where the River Boyne meets the Irish Sea.
In the distance, the entrance into Carlingford Lough
and the Mourne Mountains of County Down, Northern Ireland.

The Irish Sea and view to Skerries, Co Dublin
from Mornington Beach.

Poppy (l) and Daisie (r) enjoying paddling in the brackish
waters of the River Boyne.

If this wasn't enough, the surrounding area is pretty stellar too, with places like Newgrange, Trim Castle, Skerries Mills, Hill of Tara, Hill of Slane, the historical port town of Drogheda, and so many others to inspire me.

Part of the novelty for me living on the east coast is the sunrise. Growing up on the Pacific, sunsets were always amazing. I still love them. But a sunrise over the sea is equally fabulous.

Solstice Sunrise - 2014
So...this is my 'where'. Pretty neat, eh?

Where is *your* 'where'?

This is my backyard!