Monday, January 26, 2015

Keepin it fresh!

Keeping things fresh over on my Facebook author page. Check it out. What do you think? A bit of fun setting up, and looks very fresh. Something different for the bog standard FB theme.

Drop me a comment on my page and let me know what you think of my new page.

And don't forget that all of my titles are on sale for just 99c/99p through the end of the month as part of my publisher's annual winter sale. And I'd looooooove it if you'd leave a review ;-)

Oh, and my upcoming book, One Night in Dublin, is on pre-order and also part of the promotion. Don't wait until it's released. Grab it on pre-order for just 99c! (regular price $2.99) All the City Nights books are on special this month.

Have a great week, everyone!