Friday, August 31, 2012

Celebrate the Blue Moon with MOONDANCE

Help me celebrate the blue moon by picking up a copy of my newly released story, Moondance.

"Love that's true happens only once in a blue moon"

Blánaid thinks there's something wrong with her. It's been months since she's dated, and even if she makes the first move to invite a man out, it seems he can't run away from her fast enough. If it weren't for her best friends, Ronan and Siobhan, Blánaid is sure she'd go crazy with loneliness and despair. Then, one night while watching the sunset, Ronan kisses her and suddenly, the world as Blánaid knows it is thrown into turmoil. She turns to Siobhan for advice and a shoulder to cry on.

Can Blánaid face the truth in Siobhan's words?

The instant his lips touched Blánaid's, Ronan was sure he'd found Heaven. Ever since meeting her, he tried to find a way to tell her how he felt about her. When he overheard her telling Siobhan she never dated the friends they hung out with, he kept his feelings to himself- until this night when everything seemed so right. And he thought she felt the same when she returned his kiss. But when she realized what was happening, she ran from him. Ronan was sure he'd scared her off forever.

Can Ronan settle for just being Blánaid's friend? 

Read an excerpt here.
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Make some good luck wishes during a blue moon --

Lunar bath -- Take off all your clothes and bathe in the moon beams as if splashing water over you, chanting your wish three times.

Make a wish upon a blue moon -- Stare up at the blue moon and start by saying "Blue moon, blue moon,true blue moon . . ." then make your wish, saying this three times.

Make a wish on a silver coin -- Recite your wish three times while rubbing a silver coin (not silver colored!) then toss is into any body of water . . . river, stream, pond, lake, ocean or wishing well.

Taslisman wish -- Take a silver necklace or coin (again, not silver colored) and make a wish while rubbing the necklace/coin, repeating three times, then leave the item out overnight under the blue moon. The item will 'soak up' the energy of the blue moon and act as a good luck talisman and give you good luck until the next blue moon.

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To celebrate the 2012 blue moon (tonight, 31 August), through 4 September, I'm giving away copies of Moondance through Smashwords. Yep, FREE!! Unfortunately, Kindle won't let us offer this story for free, so any purchases made through 4 September will go to Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. Win-win, so what are you waiting for? Drop over to Tirgearr Publishing to chose the version you want. Moondance is available for all ereader types through Kindle and Smashwords.

Please note: Moondance was originally released in 2006 and has been rewritten and expanded to include new scenes and situations.