Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Carmel Charmers Series available on iTunes

>> A quick note to say that my Carmel Charmers Series is now available on iTunes. <<

The Carmel Charmers Series currently includes the two hit stories, Tutti-Frutti Blues and Dude Looks Like A Lady.

This series is set in the charming and picturesque village of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California during the mid 1980s and delves into what happens when you challenge the village's craziest laws!

In the mid 1980s, it became illegal to eat ice cream on the village streets.

In Tutti-Frutti Blues, see what happens to town therapist, Maisie Daniels, when officer Jake Hennessey catches her with a double dip outside the ice cream shop.

Will he cite her for this gross infraction of the law? Or does he have something else in mind?

A year later, the ice cream ban has been lifted, but not so the law requiring one to obtain a permit to wear shoes with high heels!

In Dude Looks Like A Lady, when Pam Howard is conned into standing in for her friend, Maisie, at a reverse costume contest, she can't believe how tall her partner is. He has to be the tallest damn drag queen she's ever seen. Dressed as Marie Antoinette, 49er football star, Hank Delacroix, already tops 6'6". But wearing a grossly over-sized wig and high heels, he's topping the eight foot mark. From Pam's low vantage point, and dressed as Louis, Hank's imposing size would be enough to laugh herself silly over . . . if he didn't remind her of a man from her past and better left there. And she's wondering . . . does Hank have a permit for those shoes?

Both stories are available in The Carmel Charmer Series, a 2-in-1 volume, at a discounted rate. Log in to see what reviewers and readers are saying about this series, then pick up a copy of your own.

Stay tuned for other stories in this series.

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