Sunday, January 01, 2006

HaPpY nEw YeAr!!

I hope that the holidays were wonderful for you and that you're well on your way to upholding your New Years Resolutions!

I now have the official promo cover for
No Law Against Love. Yay! It's really lovely. This cover mimicks the one for the anthology itself but has been personalized for each author.

click to visit Highland Press

This cover will be in addition to my own cover graphics for each story. Each personal cover will be on the page before each story in the anthology. And are used here on the site on the story pages.


Thanks goes to DeborahAnne MacGillivray for the anthology cover, as well as the site design for Highland Press. She's worked very hard over the weeks to get not only the site up and running, but the pages for this anthology, which include posting the blurbs for all the stories and the author bios.

A special thanks should be given to Leanne Burroughs, who owns Highland Press. She's put her own writing aside in order to get this new online venture going, and has been an editing demon so that she can make the deadlines in order that this anthology will be available by, if not before, Valentine's Day. She must be setting some Guinness Record with her work!

My biggest writing project this week has been putting together a list of links for all of the authors in the anthology, which you can find on my Links link. Most of the contributing authors have live sites, but a couple are still working on theirs. Their links will be added as soon as I have the author's new URLs, so stay tuned.

No Law Against Love is still on schedue for release in February. As soon as I have a release date and information on pre-orders, I'll post it here. The book will be available through Highland Press and through in electronic downloads and paperbacks.

While you're waiting, you can sneak a peak at my short stories by going to My Books above. All of the No Law Against Love stories are based around some crazy laws around the world. You'll see a collection of contemporary, historical and paranormal inclusions in the book.

My own Tutti-Frutti Blues is the first story in the duet I've contributed and is based around a now repealed law in my hometown that banned the eating of ice cream on the streets. Dude Looks Like A Lady is the second story and is also based on a law that is still on the books, amazingly enough, though not enforced, that says one must obtain a permit to wear shoes with heals higher than 2 inches!

Enjoy these sneak peaks. In the mean time, while you're waiting for the announcement to go and place your pre-orders, save your pennies so you can buy a copy of this book for all of your friends.

** REMEMBER: All proceeds from the sale of this book are going to breast cancer research.

If you'd like to see what kind of crazy laws are in your state or country, check out Crazy Laws.

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