Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New reviews posted for A Piece of My Heart

I wanted to thank Clever Divas and You Gotta Read Reviews for their recent reviews of my book, A Piece of My Heart.

Clever Divas said: 'I felt as if I were a part of Kate and Mick’s life cheering them on for their happy ending.'

You Gotta Read Reviews said: 'I love Irish women- strong and independent with the ability to love deeply.'

I also received a note from a reader called Rae who said: 'I started your book on the plane and finished it with tears in my eyes.'

And recently another reader, Kathleen, said: 'I started your book last night, but I'll need a man to finish it!'

I'm am forever humbled and grateful when readers enjoy my stories. While I enjoy storytelling, it makes me feel good that others enjoy what I write as well. So please, if you've read A Piece of My Heart, or any of my other stories, send me an email, post a comment, or catch me online at Facebook and let me know what you thought.