Kemberlee is a native Northern Californian who was raised in a community known as Steinbeck Country, home to author, John Steinbeck.

Kemberlee was an early-learner and started writing stories very young, but began her professional writing career as a book reviewer in 1995. In 1998. she co-founded RIO (Reviewers International Organization), chaired the RIO Award of Excellence, headed up the RIO newsletter, and served two terms as RIO President.

It was in 1996 while employed by Clint Eastwood that Kemberlee couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend six month in Ireland. While in Ireland, she met a man who eventually became her husband. Upon permanently relocating to Ireland, she focused on her writing, traveled extensively around the country, and published dozens of Irish travel articles.

Because of her knowledge of Ireland, Kemberlee has had the privilege of working as researcher and editor with some of the romance industry's top authors who have set their stories in Ireland.

In 2005, Kemberlee's first works of fiction were published and she now has eight books to her credit, including the popular Irish Pride Series -- Rhythm of My Heart, A Piece of My Heart, and Shape of My Heart.